Wholesome Soda is made from real, natural ingredients
and has a fraction of the amount of sugar of other sodas.

Eric started making ginger ale several years ago because he couldn't find a ginger ale in stores that he liked that was made with real ginger. He experimented with several recipes until settling on one that he made for himself at home for a while, but since it was fermented with yeast (ginger beer), it was less stable. Without keeping close watch on the fermenting and making sure to put it in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process, it was possible to explode the bottle the ginger ale was fermenting in (which happened...a few times).

After making ginger ale for friends and co-workers for a couple years and being encouraged by them to do so, Eric decided to look into actually trying to make a soda business. He took the Co.Starters class offered by REV Birmingham...

During part of the time Eric was making ginger ale, Kayla started to make water kefir, a fermented, fruity probiotic soda. It was through making water kefir that we started to play around with combinations of fruit & herbs to flavor the water kefir. This is still how we test out many of our soda flavors.

Wholesome Soda was selected as a finalist in The Big Pitch in 2016. Over 60 small businesses entered and 10 were chosen as finalists who got to compete by pitching to a panel of judges and a live audience in November 2016.

Because of a chronic health issue that Kayla was diagnosed with in 2014, it was particularly important to her to use real ingredients and keep sugar content low. With her chronic health issue managed primarily with diet, there are several foods she has to avoid to stay healthy--items that are super common in most processed food: gluten, corn, soy, and dairy. With those foods out, there are very few sodas that she can have and the ones that have acceptable ingredients still have more sugar than should really be consumed in a day. The World Health Organization states that people should consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day--most sodas have 40+ grams of sugar!